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Quality - Is Our Top Priority

Our Conviction lies in “ Take care of quality, quality takes care of itself”. The key to success lies in providing quality products at competitive prices. For Quality Assurance, following parameters are the guidelines.

  • - ESD Safe Works and Stores area

  • - Stringent IQC
  • Approved Supplier & Part List
  • Purchase only from Direct Sales, Authorized distributors, Established dealers

  • - Early Life Failures detection
  • 100 % test at elevated temperature and voltages

  • - Automated Test to improve accuracy & reliability

  • - Maintaining 100% Test Reports for complete traceability

  • - Quality Team
  • Categorize Outlier & Common Problems
  • Swift action to eliminate Outlier Problem
  • Continuous Monitoring and Control over common problems
  • New learning passed on to all products

  • - Global Quality practices
  • 5S, Kaizen, Dashboard, CAPA and PDCA

  • CE Certified Products

Our Vision

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