Water, that most precious commodity. Water, without which survival is impossible.

Have you heard of the “Rule of Threes”? According to it, a human being can survive without air for 3 minutes, without water for 3 days and without food for 3 weeks. You’d think we’d take better care of something without which we cannot live for more than 3 days.

But no. We go on blithely, dumping garbage hither and polluting the ground water thither, as if there’s an endless supply of this very finite resource.

One such source we have mucked up completely is the Perumbakkam Lake, in Chennai. Even four years back, it was  a water body teeming with birds and amphibians and nurturing a vital ecosystem. From a lake that spread over 100 acres, it has now shrunk to a twentieth of its size and is lying chocked with plastic waste and sewage. If the decline isn’t halted, this once lush birds paradise and a vital ground water resource will be lost to us forever.

Enter the Environmentalist Foundation of India.

By tapping into the generosity of the people, both local and elsewhere, EFI aims to save the Perumbakkam Lake and is looking to raise Rs. 5,00,000 for it. Let us all dig deep and contribute to this vital clean-up operation. Let us welcome back the lost birds and other fauna before they are lost to us forever.