What are the advantages of the VenAqua system?

Pay for what you use
Why should a family of two adults pay the same amount for water as a family of four adults and two children? Currently, water usage is levied by floor area rather than actual usage. With VenAqua, it is your consumption that dictates how much you pay. Your every usage is tracked to the smallest drop, making it possible for you to be billed accurately.

Track Your Water
By using state-of-the-art systems, we can track your usage accurately. Our sensors can track your water consumption from every single outlet in your house.

Conserve Water
Water is a precious resource and we are fast running out of it. With huge multi-apartment dwellings coming up and no viable water source, many resort to pumping in water for their gated communities in large water tanks. By installing VenAqua sub-meters, you can make sure you do not waste this vital, life-giving liquid.

Prevent over-consumption
When a flat fee is levied, it is easy to overuse water. Imagine if you didn’t have to pay your electricity bills based on your consumption. If you were to pay a flat fee, you might not be so careful with how turning off the fans in the room after you or switching to CFL lights to reduce your bills, would you? Now what if you had to pay for every drop of water you used? You’d be careful with how much you used for doing your dishes and making sure your little boy didn’t let the tap run whilst he was brushing his teeth!

Stop leaks right away!
Our sensors can not only track usage but also send out an alarm if your taps have sprung a leak! Or if you have left a tap open in error. VenAqua’s intelligent systems will flag it if a tap has been running non-stop for more than the standard amount of time. They can differentiate between say, a long bath versus an open tap that has been forgotten! You never have to come home to a flooded house again!