Happy Earth Day!

Did you know that April 22 is Earth Day? One day, out of the 365, dedicated to the planet we call home. Now that doesn’t seem like much, does it?

What does Earth Day mean, anyway and what are we celebrating? Traditionally, Earth Day is the day when year after year, more and more urgent calls for environmental changes are made and grim pictures of our future, with ever-dwindling supplies of natural resources, displayed, in an effort to jolt us into action.

Save Water! 

At VenAqua, we are all about conserving water, one of our most precious resources and this article on the USA Today, tells us how to save water by minimising domestic wastage and being a bit more aware of our consumption. Summer’s upon us and it is even more imperative that we not be cavalier about our usage.

Share The Earth! 

The Earth and all its resources belong to all of us that have made this planet home, not just us humans. Unfortunately, this is a fact we seem to forget and it is the animals and plants and the greater environment that pay the price of our capriciousness. Sundarbans, the largest mangrove forest in the world spread over 10,000 sq kilometres, a Biosphere Reserve and a World Heritage Site, is now the scene of “unprecedented disaster”, thanks to the vast oil spill that happened when a vessel carrying furnace oil to a thermal power plant met with an accident, dumping its cargo into the heart of Sundarbans. The impact of this act will become more and more evident in the years to come, experts say. Our rough ride just got a great deal rougher!

The 2 degree difference

2 degree Celcius. That’s the distance between us and disaster. Between life as we know it and Lord knows what awaits us. If, thanks to our continuous mayhem, the temperature of the Earth goes up by 2 degrees Celcius, warming it up to unchartered territory, well, things will get a lot livelier than anticipated. Increasing water levels, horrific droughts, widespread deaths.

Utter chaos.

Makes you sit up and take note of all the “Climate Change” podcasts, doesn’t it?

This Earth Day, let us be better informed of the havoc we have wreaked on Planet Earth and start making changes, one at a time, before the sands run out. Let’s start small – is our neighbourhood doing all it can to save the planet? Get together and get started on the biggest resuscitation effort of your life.

It ain’t over yet but the time to act is now!