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Why, What, How Approach

We at Denvik, have a unique approach towards product design and problem solving. We call it the WHY WHAT HOW approach. As engineers, on thinking about solutions we are always tempted to ask only the ‘How’ questions, instead if we ask the What & Why questions as well, we believe that there is always a better solution to the problem.

  • - WHY removes non value added
  • - WHAT points to the solution
  • - HOW gives the design & implementation

Design Methodology

  • - Customer Requirement Specification and System Design
  • - Demo (Proof of Concept)
  • - Prototyping ( Environmental Compliance, DFM taken care)
  • - Pilot (Embedding Reliability, Fine tuning)
  • - Regular Production

Our Vision

Want Industrial Controls?
Don’t Think PLC - Think Embedded - Think DENVIK

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