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SOLBEAT is an advanced microprocessor based metering device for recording the amount of thermal energy fed to the consumer via heating or cooling systems

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The Gen-X controller is an Auto Mains Failure Control Module suitable for paralleling single diesel Gensets with the mains supply.

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Denvik Technology Private Limited

DENVIK is a high-end technology start-up with expertise in electronic manufacturing services. DENVIK develops and provides core competencies in cutting edge embedded technology, which include 8-bit and ARM based microcontrollers, mixed signal design, and popular industrial communication protocols.

The capabilities of DENVIK encompass the complete product lifecycle, which includes concept development, requirement analysis, design & development,fabrication, testing, auditing and product sustenance. With these capabilities we deliver complete product engineering and manufacturing solutions that are customized to the specific requirements of our clients.

DENVIK comprehends the complexity and the expertise involved in designing and manufacturing embedded solutions. We also understand the impediments that non electronic manufacturing companies face when investing in vital in-house innovation, research and expertise. DENVIK offers a viable alternative - by providing innovative, high-tech, low volume and cost-effective embedded product designs and solutions. With DENVIK, manufacturers find a powerful offshore research partner and a complete embedded solutions provider.

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